Soil Stabilisation

SlabJacker offers soil stabilisation treatments that provide a solution in almost any situation where the strength and/or stability of existing soils is insufficient for their current or intended purpose. The performance of weak, waterlogged, and loose non-cohesive soils can all be improved using our extensive range of products and specialist injection systems.

After considering site conditions and performance requirements for the treated soil, we will work with you and your engineer to determine the most appropriate product and delivery system for the application - often this process will involve performing field tests to confirm compliance with specifications.

At SlabJacker, we have a full range of single component, 1:1 plural component, and variable ratio plural component pumps, which allow us to treat foundations using polyurethane, acrylate, silicate, and micro-fine cement.

Examples of typical applications include:

  • Permeation Grouting
  • Void Filling
  • Ground Anchor encapsulation



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