Void Filling

SlabJacker offers a range of polyurethane grouts that are ideally suited to filling voids and cavities. Unlike cement grouts, the resin expands into a foam and exerts pressure in all directions ensuring that the entire void is filled. Fissures and cracks are filled by this process and loose material around the void is compacted and consolidated.

Depending on depth, location, and access limitations, SlabJacker can target voids and deploy its resins by pouring, jet spraying, or injection through grouting tubes. In situations where voids are present directly beneath or behind slabs, walls, or any other solid retaining structure, surface packers are used - in this application SlabJacker’s resins have the added advantages that they return support to the structure and form a barrier that is impervious to water (see Rocking Slab Stabilisation and Joint Repair and Curtain Grouting.)

Common applications include:

  • Filling animal burrows and voids left by tree root decomposition, collapse, or erosion.
  • Filling voids leftover from previous land use.
  • Replacing washed out or subsided/settled material from below slabs and behind retaining structures.
  • Filling boat hull cavities and floating pontoons.
  • Cavity insulation.
  • Annular pipe grouting.



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