Leak Sealing / Water Control

Poor design & construction, foundation movement, damage, chemical attack, general deterioration, and changing ground water conditions can all result in concrete and masonry that leaks. Depending on their location, leaks look unsightly, cause damage to assets, and pose a risk or inconvenience to users. Left untreated, leaks invariably lead to escalating problems and rising repair bills.

SlabJacker offers a complete range of injection systems designed to seal and prevent leaking, all of which can be installed whilst causing minimal disruption to everyday operations. We are equipped and experienced to seal all types of structural leaks, from rising damp through to major ruptures.

SlabJacker uses the very latest products, techniques, and pumping equipment to seal leaking cracks, joints, and porous sections in concrete, stone, and masonry. Depending on project requirements and characteristics of the affected area, we commonly repair these problems via injection of acrylate, silicate, polyurethane, or epoxy resins.

The systems most commonly employed by SlabJacker to prevent and stop leaking include:

  • Back Grouting & Curtain Grouting
  • Direct Injection
  • Impregnations



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