Anchor Encapsulation

Many soil retention and construction methods rely on ground anchors to provide support and stability. The effectiveness of these systems is dependent upon the soil’s ability to absorb and dissipate the forces transmitted through it by the anchorage system. If the soil surrounding the anchor is weak relative to these forces then the soil will be begin to move, undermining the system and ultimately causing it to fail.

SlabJacker provides ground anchor encapsulation systems that use high strength foaming and non-foaming polyurethane resins to create a mass of support around ground anchors. Once the injected resins have cured, strengths in excess of 40 tonnes are achievable, and because the cured resins remain slightly flexible, they are resistant to fracture and breaking.


SlabJacker’s ground anchor encapsulation systems can be incorporated into the initial design or installed retrospectively to provide stability. Common applications include the encapsulation and/or stabilisation of:

  • Gate and fence posts.
  • Light and utility poles.
  • Retaining wall anchors.
  • Stumps.
  • Soil nails and rock bolts.
  • Shoring and formwork anchors.
  • Any temporary and permanent ground anchor.



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