Crack Repairs

Concrete can crack for a variety of reasons, both in its plastic state (during cure) and in its hardened state. Cracks can broadly be classified as either active or dormant and can vary greatly in character, from shallow crazing of the surface to major full depth structural or leaking cracks.


Aside from looking unsightly, left untreated, both active and dormant cracks can lead to continued deterioration. Common consequences of leaving cracks untreated include:

  • Spalling. Where cracks allow water to contact the embedded reinforcement steel, causing it to corrode and expand, fracturing the concrete from within.
  • Leaks. Leading to loss of water, soil erosion, and contamination.
  • Weakening and movement of the structure.
  • Continued cracking and break up of concrete.
  • Cracking and premature deterioration of coatings.

Fortunately, SlabJacker has a solution for all types of cracks in concrete and will meet with you on site, free of charge, to inspect your problem and discuss repair options.



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